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Claire Corby- Capital Buyers Agency


I’m Claire Corby, a born and bred third-generation Canberran. Yes, we do exist! Having grown up in Canberra, I know the subtle characteristics of each area and have witnessed first-hand the changes across the suburbs over time – one of my earliest memories is peering from my booster seat out of the car window, watching suburban Belconnen taking shape. With each trip to Belconnen Mall, I’d eagerly look for any new construction since our last outing. A property tragic from way back, that’s me.

I know exactly where the pockets of desirable and less-desirable areas are within each suburb, and the priceless information on where to find good schools, lawyers, builders, doctors, dentists, hairdressers, sporting activities and clubs – anything you need. The depth of my local knowledge across the Canberra region and surrounding towns is your key to saving a great deal of time and effort.

My career began as an accountant. Numbers were my forté in school, but it was the personal advisory side of things I loved most in my first ‘adult’ job with a big 4 firm. After realising I didn’t actually want to be an accountant (which came as a bit of a shock), I followed my passion for property and began branching out from the traditional buy and hold strategies into small-scale townhouse development, structural and cosmetic renovations, vendor financing, subdivisions and house relocations. I spent my maternity leave with my two children managing my projects and loved being able to share that time with them.

After a little while, friends began asking for input to help with their own investing to help find and test the feasibility of potential investments and that’s how I got into the role as a buyer’s agent. I had no idea it was a growing industry – I’d just followed my strengths and found I loved to work in property in an advisory role! Capital Buyers Agency was born from a natural progression from accountant to full-time property investor to buyer’s agent.

I recall bidding at my first auction and the emotions of bidding that I was wholly underprepared for. It was just over the ACT border in Queanbeyan, NSW. I’d spent many months researching and I knew my numbers and I knew my project. I had attended auctions but nothing prepared me for the emotions of actually placing bids in the heat of the moment. I was completely lacking in ‘real’ auction experience and I remember thinking how much easier this would be if I had someone with experience by my side. It took many years before it occurred to me that I could be that steady guide for someone else, but looking back I felt a definite imbalance in the seller’s favour with half a dozen agents running the show.

These days I’m a strong advocate for equal representation for buyers, a regular media contributor on the ACT market and the State Rep for REBAA (Real Estate Buyers Agents Association of Australia) who are the peak national body for buyer’s agents. I work with a very limited number of clients at any given time so that I’m able to give them my full attention and the highest level of service possible. I love helping buyers find the best property, saving them time, stress and money, and helping them to hit the ground running with insights and tips for whatever they need in Canberra.

Like to know more? Drop me a line as I’d love to help you with your next purchase.


Office :Canberra

Contact – Claire Corby


With over 15 years’ experience and studies in residential property investments, lever-aging and gearing. I have a true passion to teach everyday Australians how they can secure theirs and their children’s financial future with our inner knowledge workshops/personal prosperity plans and superior property investments. My aim is to assist them to achieve wealth with certainty.

My family and I have four properties currently, the two most recent properties are in the same blue ribbon estates as our clients, we invest where our clients invest.

Trade – Qualified Electrician and Project Management with 20 years’ experience in the building and construction industry, and I have built my own house and renovated houses. From my experience I have learnt the buy new and hold strategy is easier with minimal risk, no stress, maximum tax benefits, optimal returns and importantly more time with my family and friends.

Management – Diploma in Business Management with many successful years’ experience – Focus on customer service, superior communication and going the extra mile for the client.

Masters certification in Ultimate Life/Business Coaching – Masters in NLP and Success coaching. I have a true passion to help family; friends and all my clients live their ultimate life. We have 1 life 1 chance and owe it to ourselves to get the most out of it, and Property is a vehicle we can all use to have a better life today and peace of mind we will have a secure future.

I urge you to speak to us before you invest in property as we are changing the way people invest with caring, transparent and building and investment knowledge and experience. Which makes us very different in this industry.

We do not do the hard sell, no hype, no pressure, just property inner knowledge and Australia’s optimum property opportunities that we help our clients buy below market price from our builder developer partners to give you a kick start on growth. By helping you gain strong results, our clients continue to use our services from here to retirement, we truly do love to help people!


Office:8/13-19 Botany Street Phillip ACT

Contact – Peter Ingram

Colin Blunden-McIntyre Property


Colin is a born and bred Canberran and has worked in a Customer Service role his entire working life.

Straight after finishing school, Colin started working for the Commonwealth Bank and spent 10 of his 12 years there working in the lending department, where his roles included documenting and setting up home loans, working with complex company loans, loan interviewing, liaising with solicitors and preparing for and attending settlements. This experience quickly taught Colin the values of how every single matter and situation is unique, has its own urgency and most importantly the ability to adapt to and successfully manage the different circumstances and needs of each client.

In 1999, Colin left the Commonwealth Bank to work as a Mortgage Broker with a Canberra based company, so instead of working with one Bank he was working with plenty of them. During the first year of his career as a Mortgage Broker he was awarded with a “New Employee of the Year” award. This experience gave Colin an invaluable insight and knowledge into how different Banks work in relation to home lending. During his time as a Mortgage Broker, Colin had a healthy working relationship with a number of Real Estate agencies, where he would be the Broker of choice of many agents to refer people to who required assistance with finance. Colin also stood in many open home exhibitions with the agents he worked with giving him fantastic exposure to how different agents conducted themselves and how buyers responded at open homes.

In October 2001, Colin commenced his successful career in Real Estate after one of the agencies he had a working relationship with offered him a job. From day one of his Real Estate career Colin has not looked back!

During his career in Real Estate, Colin has been fortunate to be given the opportunity to work with two other very good agencies and has learnt his trade from his own hard work and by working with a number of the top local agents. With his last agency Colin was awarded the recognition of being the Number 1 Salesperson of the year for the Tuggeranong office for the last four years prior to him commencing work with McIntyre Property and on three occasions was recognized as one of the Agency’s “Top Guns”.

Colin has been able to combine what he’s learnt from others with his excellent Customer Service skills, his personal experience of being a home seller, lending knowledge and background, empathy, positive attitude, drive, enthusiasm and gentle nature to become a highly respected and well known Real Estate Salesperson that comes with an unquestioned reputation of achieving excellent results for his sellers, outstanding customer service and caring about the process of selling and buying is a pleasant and positive experience for those involved.

Colin is married to his soul mate Julie and has two fantastic boys. Colin enjoys being involved with his children’s sport and has an active involvement with junior AFL football and in junior cricket.

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Office:Shop 8, Lanyon Market Place,4 Sidney Nolan Street,Conder ACT 2906,66 Oatley Court,Belconnen ACT 2617

Contact -Colin Blunden

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